I inquired about counseling last Thursday and was told that I would get a callback on Friday. It never came. Today, I was debating about whether I should call again. Then, after school, I realized that I had a voicemail message from the person I had talked to the other day. She said there was a cancellation so I should come in tomorrow. I am definitely freaking out. I have no idea what to expect. I almost wish I could have had a few days warning so that I could mentally prepare for this.

I am actually having a better week than last week. Today, I look at counseling and think that it is unnecessary since I am feeling loads better. However, I know that I have problems and that I need to deal with them.

I am also afraid about my friends finding out since they do not like this counselor. I also wonder if maybe I should just be honest with them and explain my reasoning for doing this. I am an adult and should feel free to make my own decisions.


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  1. The first session, you won’t really go deep with anything. The counselor will take a lot of information, demographic stuff, family history, physical health (they don’t check this, but they ask things like “Have you ever had a surgery?”). They will talk about confidentiality and informed consent. They’ll ask what brings you in. It’s basically a lot of collecting information so they can best help you. The first 3 or so sessions are basically laying the relationship foundation. The relationship is super important- anywhere from 30% to 90% of the success of counseling depends on the relationship (depending on the study you read).
    Your friends won’t find out you are going to this counselor unless you tell them. But you’re right, you are an adult and you’re free to make your own decisions.
    If you have any other questions about what to expect, let me know.

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      • No problem. I was like that too. In the beginning, my counselor would ask something like “Tell me about your family” and I didn’t know what to say so I’d be like “Well what do you want to know?” A good counselor will make you feel comfortable talking about yourself and all the things that are hard.
        There was something in my initial intake that I lied about. I was asked if I had ever felt suicidal, and I lied because I was worried that past suicidality would mean I would be taken to a hospital. It was probably 4 months before I told my counselor the truth (she said I could have told her initially and it would not have meant I would have been hospitalized). Is this what you mean about not being able to talk about something?
        I can also tell you, from being in classes to become a counselor, that we are told not to force any issue. For instance, in the first session we need to ask if there has been any history of abuse, and if the client does not want to talk about it, we assure them that it is okay and we won’t force it.

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