My First Counseling Experience

I survived my first counseling experience. I was definitely nervous going in. I guess it was not bad. However, there were things that were difficult to talk about. There are things I do not even like to think about to myself and it was extremely difficult to talk about. It was difficult to talk about my grandma, even though she died six years ago. It was difficult talking about how even though I was the valedictorian in high school, it does not bring me joy because I feel like I stole the opportunity from my best friend who really wanted it.

She mentioned some things that I did not agree with. My antidepressant causes me to dream very vivid dreams. She thinks I need to tell my doctor. I know that dreams are just a side effect. Same as how I cannot sleep with my OCD medication. However, the antidepressant is not making me depressed which I will take with the dreams. The same with the OCD medication.

I will go back next week. I am definitely nervous. I am not ready to talk about my grandma. I am not ready to deal with the painful feelings that I experienced six years ago.


3 thoughts on “My First Counseling Experience

  1. Anything you’re not comfortable with talking about, just say so. She should respect that. Since it’s only the second session, she will probably still be trying to build rapport with you. Often, counselors will look for the strengths within a client so that these can be emphasized and used.
    I’m proud of you for giving it a shot!


      • I definitely don’t mind, anyway I can help shed light on what it’s like, I’m happy to do so! And this is a great question.
        I typically feel free of whatever has been bothering me. It’s nice to be able to let that out and get support on whatever issue I may face. I’ll feel happy that I got support. I’ll feel calm and less anxious, especially if we have worked out some sort of plan for something. I’ll feel confident, understood, valued. There have been some bad days when I go to counseling, and afterward I will feel like at least one person cares. It’s like all sorts of positive emotions. After the beginning few sessions, I felt kind of in shock that I had told my counselor some things, and nervous for the next session. Now, though, I look forward to the next session because I know how much help my counselor has been to me. I have never left a session feeling worse about anything; talking to her always helps.
        Any other questions you have, or if there’s anything else I can help with, feel free to ask!


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