Helping a Friend

One of my high school friends last night posted on Facebook that she was tired of the depression and anxiety she was feeling. Once I read that, I felt like I should reach out to her. Even though I am not at my best right now, I am getting my mental problems under control. However, there is a lot stopping me from talking to her.

I have not talked to this girl probably since graduation. And while we were close, we were not best friends. Our relationship was kind of up and down for no particular reason.

To reach out to her would mean that I would have to admit that I have mental problems. That is something people do not know about me. Except for my two friends that found out by accident, nobody else knows about my messed up brain. If I was to reach out to her, I would do it through a private message rather than comment on the post. I just do not know what is right in this situation. I would love to help but were just in different places (physically) and have been for years. Would she even accept what I had to say, if I was willing to be vocal about my problems?


2 thoughts on “Helping a Friend

  1. I went through something similar maybe 6 months ago. I did reach out via private message, and just said something like “I understand, I’ve been there too.” The conversation was pretty much short, she just said “thanks” and I then asked how life is. That’s pretty much it.
    Whatever you choose to do, I think it shows a lot of courage and bravery on your part to even consider reaching out.


  2. Sometimes when you’re not at your best and you reach out to someone else who is not at their best, it can help the both of you. Whether or not she accepts what you have to say is up to her and doesn’t reflect upon your character at all. If she were to never reply or reject what you said, you have to remember that’s her problem. I agree with the comment above, it’s courageous of you to consider reaching out, regardless of what you do.

    I’m learning to be more vocal about my problems to the people who need to know (Significant other, parents, my two bosses) and it takes a weight off of your shoulders. It’s not easy but you never know what kind of support or advice or good thing could come out of it and you’ll really never know if you don’t try. Whichever you choose to do, I commend you for wanting to help.


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