Goodbye, College Friends

I have pretty much given up on my college friends. I have been out of school since Fall of 2012 and tried my hardest to keep the friendships but as time has gone by, contact has become fewer and more stretched out. I have not seen one of my friends at all since she graduated the semester before me. I still talk to her occasionally on Facebook or send her letters. The other day she said she wanted to call me. I really doubt she will though. I am not sure I really have much to say either.

I talked to my other friend quite often after graduation. We talked on the phone at least once a month. We made plans to see each other often. These plans included trips to the amusement park or mall. This summer though, I watched as our relationship slowly became more and more distant. I did not want her to come to the amusement park and she eventually quit asking. I did see her in September because I had invited her to come with me to a wedding at the beginning of the summer. But I really had little to say when we saw each other. That was our last contact until she texted me tonight. Our conversation was one sided-all about me-because I had been ready to write her off just last week.

I know that my friends wanted to be friends for life. Distance and life has separated us though and made it so that we no longer have anything in common. In a way, it is sad. But that is the way life works.


One thought on “Goodbye, College Friends

  1. ISo interesting and true because distance is the key problem. When I left France I kept loose relationships with a few school friends and as we are back in France now, I am hoping that I will meet them again after 30 years spent in GB but hey we shall see. Don’t give up 🙂


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