Secret Counseling

I never got around to telling my friend that I went to a counselor last week. It never came up and since she does not approve of this particular counselor, I have yet to say anything. However, I was looking at her calendar and noticed that she has a hair appointment at 4:30 in the neighboring town on Wednesday while I have counseling at 4:15 in the same town on Wednesday. I know I need to say something because it will be more awkward if she were to see my car. It would better for me to be honest ahead of time. Even though she has been very understanding of my mental problems and I have been more open than I ever would have imagined, I still find this a difficult topic to talk about. I know I do not need her approval. And the reason I am going to counseling is so that I can deal with my problems in a healthy way that does not include cutting or suicide. I guess when I finally get up the courage, I will have to tell her my reasoning and hope that she will be understanding again.


2 thoughts on “Secret Counseling

  1. Do you need to explain yourself to this friend? What is it about the counselor she doesn’t like?

    I am a firm believer that not sharing parts of your personal journey isn’t necessarily keeping a secret. Counseling is for you, and your healing, and people should feel *privilged* when you choose to share. Of course it would be a difficult topic, so don’t beat yourself up. Hang in there, seeing my therapist has done wonders for me, I hope you find the comfort and healing there that I have.


  2. Hi,
    I’ve found that it’s easier to tell someone early on. I didn’t tell my mom that I was seeing a psychiatrist for a long time. When I finally did she was okay with it. A lot of times people react in ways we don’t expect them to and we spend so much time thinking about the worst case scenario that we get anxiety over the situation and think it will be worse than it is.
    Good luck


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