Social Anxiety Interactions

Anxiety makes it very difficult to deal with ordinary aspects of life. Today, I managed to deal with two  difficult things for someone suffering from social anxiety. First, I got up the courage to ask the superintendent for a reference letter. I was going to ask the principal for one too but he was not there. Surprisingly, the words that I wanted to say came out right. I explained that I did like this town but wanted to live closer to my family and was still not sure what I wanted to do next year.

The other thing I accomplished today was my living arrangements for the summer. I have always lived with my aunt and uncle during the summer while working at the amusement park but this year, I am going to be living at a campground.

I am proud of myself for getting both those interactions taken care of. It is so difficult to talk to people in person or on the phone while dealing with social anxiety.


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