Horrible News

In counseling the other day, we talked about how I was considering leaving this small town and this state and return to my home state and to a town close to my parents. I had even worked up the courage to ask my superintendent and principal for reference letters. My counselor thought it would be good for me to get close to home. However, I talked about how difficult it would be to leave my friends and have to move.

My counselor suggested taking the application process slow. After all, the deadline was not until April. And since I thought this was the right job for me, I needed to put a lot of effort into the application.

I worked on the application some yesterday since we had no school. I even got up the courage to tell my friends that I was considering a different job so that I could ask for advice on my resume. Today, I went to finish my online application and discovered that the job had been taken down.

I was stunned by the news. I was starting to accept the idea of leaving and could picture myself in this town. Plus, I had already told my friends. The frustration really made me want to cut. I cannot make any promises that it won’t happen anyway. I am just frustrated that after all I went through, my dreams have been dashed because the job is no longer there. I even told my counselor that I did not want to tell people in case I did not get the job but she told me no negative thinking.

I did find another job to apply for that is somewhat close to my parents and at least in my home state. However, I did not tell my friends the horrible news. I am afraid I might start crying. Plus, since I want to cut, they might not be very pleased.


One thought on “Horrible News

  1. It’s okay to cry, I would too. Even though that job was taken down, you did prove to yourself that you can take the steps necessary to leave and go to another school (if this is what you ultimately choose). Next time you see another posting you’re interested in, or if you apply to this other one, you know what to expect. This will hopefully make it easier next time (at least as far as the steps needed to be taken). Keep holding on, I’m sure something will come around.


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