I Am Not an Art Teacher!

The art teacher left last school year and another one was not hired. So as elementary teachers, we are expected to do art in our classrooms once a week. I am pretty good about doing it once a week but occasionally we let it slide if something is going on that week. I really hate teaching art because I am not an artist. I also struggle to find projects that my students will enjoy and where I do not have to buy the materials.

At the beginning of the school year, we were told that each student had to have four projects for the art fair in April. We were also told that we had to use special name tags. I am having my students decide what projects that they want to save and then I fill out the tag right then and put a checkmark on my art fair list. However, today, I found out that there are even more expectations. We were supposed to put mats around the projects and the name tags could not be directly on the art.

I am so glad they told me this now instead of at the beginning of the year. I am actually trying even though I disagree with being an art teacher. Now, I get the joy of framing the projects.

I understand that the school is trying to give these students at such a small school the opportunities that students at bigger schools would get. However, something has got to give. The elementary teachers already teach two grades. That means two sets of lesson plans, two of each class every day, and extra copying. It does not matter how many students there are because you still have to do the work for two classes.

I really wish the school would figure out where to draw the line. I already have more expectations than other teachers at other schools. It is extremely difficult. Every day, I find another reason why I wish to find a job at a different school.


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