Loneliness is checking your phone frequently, just to make sure you have not missed any calls or texts. Loneliness is spending lots of time checking email and Facebook with the hope that someone will remember you. Loneliness is talking to yourself, just so you can hear a voice. Loneliness is happiness when there is junk mail in the mailbox because someone is reaching out to you. Loneliness is hugging a stuffed animal tightly, just so can feel some love. Loneliness is harming yourself with a sharp object, just so you can deal with the pain. Loneliness is going to bed early so that you can forget that you are alone. 


One thought on “Loneliness 

  1. Loneliness (for me) is reading that you can call people for free on skype and then realising that I have nobody to call. Loneliness is looking at all the texts that were sent our wishing people a happy new year and then realising that none of them have texted since. At least I take comfort in that fact that the Lord will never abandon me.

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