The Storms of Life

Ever since I have gotten my medication straightened out for depression and OCD, I have felt relatively normal. I have had some rough days but for the most part, I am feeling much better. Last week, especially last Friday night, I went through a particularly rough time. I am not sure if the storm is over but for now, there is some sun in my life. Last week, I noticed that my OCD was very bad and that I was falling into my required routines and object placement. I noticed many times that I was trying to pull the hair from my eyebrows again.

Then, Friday night, I became extremely lonely. I cut myself and felt suicidal. I contacted the Samaritans through email but that was not helping. The Samaritans take about twelve hours to respond. I considered calling the suicidal hotline but could not make myself go through with it. Has anyone else called the suicide hotline? What was it like? I am finding that the Samaritans are not as helpful as they once were.

Yesterday, I was still dealing with the depression from the night before. I found it difficult to out of bed to live life. I really did not do that much but after spending some time with friends, I am feeling better. Today, I got out of bed ready to live my life. I have actually had a productive morning. I managed to answer several emails and complete several chores

There is one big thing I need to do today. I pray for support. I know it is the right thing to do. With my mental problems though, it is going to be difficult.


One thought on “The Storms of Life

  1. Try It’s an online chat room. You can talk about anything except suicide. If you mention suicide, they’re required to give you the suicide hotline number. But you could talk about depression, feeling lonely, wanting to cut. It’s very helpful.

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