How Am I Supposed to Feel?

The last couple weeks have been extremely difficult. My depression has consumed me at time. I cannot stop my obsessive compulsive disorder from dictating my life. I have cut several times and have contemplated suicide. I cannot understand why I am suddenly feeling this way. I have been feeling better on my medication. Why suddenly have things changed? Today, I wondered if I need to go back to the doctor. But I do not enjoy going to the doctor. I really do not want to have to try to explain what is going on again. I already got enough of that in counseling. I am really not up to trying something new; if there is even something new to try. I feel like I have tried almost everything available. I know that I cannot go on like this though. I am at a loss about what I should do. I am just not sure what I should feel.


Side note-While writing this blog, I actually had to delete a tag because I had thirteen. I cannot have the number 13 in my life.


One thought on “How Am I Supposed to Feel?

  1. I do this. It’s crazy. Sometimes I delete a tag just to make it 7 or 9 or 3. But with proper cognitive behavioral therapy, we can surpass this. Obsessive compulsive disorder can be cured. Best wishes to your recovery 🙂

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