The End of the School Year

My students are driving me crazy. And today was only Monday. They are supposed to be quiet and still well behaved on Mondays. They are supposed to get progressively worse throughout the week. It does not help that I am dealing with the changes in my medication so I am very irritable as it is. My students definitely don’t help me with my problems.

One group of students is constantly after one another for little things. They argue about stupid things that are either over or have already been decided by me. I got after them today for the arguing but most of the time, I just ignore them.

Then, the other group of students is full of trouble makers. If it is wrong, they are going to do it. They talk constantly. They are constantly worried about what other people are doing and are more focused on the other grade’s work than their own.

It does not help that one of the troublemakers has a birthday tomorrow. I am not the most sympathetic person. I am not going to put up with his nonsense. He already lost part of his recess for tomorrow because he chose not to do his spelling words at the end of the day. He can be in even more trouble for all I care.

There are three and a half weeks of school left but I seriously considered taking a personal day tomorrow. I am stressed out with their behavior. Plus, I really don’t want to deal with the student’s birthday.


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