Housing Difficulties

The other day, my landlord called and surprised me with a rent increase. I was extremely angry because even though she said the cost of everything is going up and that was the reason, I know the real reason behind the increase.

Last winter, the heat bill was extremely high. This repairman was constantly coming to look at the furnace. Finally, he told me to keep the heat on emergency. I did what he said because I figured he was the expert. He told me to always keep it on emergency. Then, at the end of winter this year, he told me (at the grocery store) that the heat bill was too high and told me that I should not be running it on emergency heat. I was extremely angry for several reasons. I hated to be told at the grocery store. Second, I hated how he was contradicting what he had previously told me. Then, he waited until the end of winter to bother saying anything. What had happened was not my fault and here I was being blamed for it.

I know that the rent increase is because of the heat bill. What bothers me even more is that my landlord is talking about it to other people. My landlord’s grandson is in my class and he was laughing one day because of the emergency heat running. When you are told to do something, you do it. And that meant running the emergency heat.

My landlords are so lazy though. They won’t do anything to help me out. The heat does not work in one of the bedrooms. He has never bothered to fix it. He said he would do something last summer and he never did. I called him a couple of weeks ago because I hate living in a bedroom above my neighbors and he never bothered to do anything. It is the same with the living room window. Every time it is windy the curtains blow.

This rent increase as well as the treatment I have been receiving makes me want to leave this horrible town more than ever. At the very least, I want to move but there are no other apartments here. If I cannot leave this place, I will just take advantage of the situation. My landlords can deal with me turning the heat up high in the winter and taking frequent showers. Plus, I am going to demand that they take care of those repairs this summer while I am gone. It is ridiculous that I even have to pay an electric and water bill when everything is unplugged and I am not around. They can expect me to make their lives miserable.


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