In the News-Boycotts

There have been two big news stories talking about gay/lesbian/transgender rights in the news lately. While I am not here to share my beliefs on the topic, I would like to share a few of my opinions on both news stories.

The news has been talking a lot about the boycott at Target due to the statement they made about allowing transgender people to use whatever restroom they would like. I am not here to take a side on the situation. I honestly did not think that the boycott would have any impact at first. However, I am sure that the bus boycott started after Rosa Parks was arrested started out small and then grew and made an impact as more people joined in. And I guess a boycott of Target is one way to make an impact and make your opinions be noticed. My biggest concern is the workers at the store that are just trying to make a living. But I guess that is how boycotts work. If there is no money coming in, changes will be made.

The other big news story this week is of a woman at a New Orleans Family Dollar that claimed that a woman refused to serve her because she was a lesbian. She filmed the argument that involved her, the cashier, and another customer. It was difficult to understand everything that was being said because of the arguing. It is not clear whether the woman was really being discriminated against because the first part of the argument was not filmed. The thing that bothered me most about the video was all the arguing and swearing. It was difficult to place the blame on anyone because the other customer was swearing at the cashier and the woman that claimed discrimination was yelling and the cashier kept saying something about having a job. I think the yelling and screaming just escalated the situation. I was at work last summer when a visitor at the amusement park got really mad about something and started throwing an adult temper tantrum for no reason. I feel like that might have happened at this store. People today are very quick to get mad when things do not go their way and they are quick to say things and then everything gets blown out of proportion. What I really do not get is that the manager never came out to help deal with the situation immediately.

Everyone is quick to cry discrimination and foul over everything. Maybe sometimes it is necessary and other times it is not. Respect is the big thing. Nobody will ever get anywhere if they are quick to blame and shout without really trying to resolve the situation.


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