The Wrong Medication

I did something extremely stupid the other night. Saturday night into Sunday, I slept really great. I had never slept so great. I did wake up a couple times and when I did, I was doing really strange things. One time, I was pretending to pass out papers and another time I was trying to do something on my iPad without actually touching it.

I woke up that morning and struggled to get out of bed. That is normal for a weekend though. It was not normal that I took a nap right after breakfast. It was also not normal that I kept shutting my eyes during church because I just could not stay awake. I ended up taking a nap after lunch and then eventually woke up.

The next day, I realized what I had done. I had taken the wrong medication that night. Not only did I take the wrong medicine, I took too much of it. I went from half a pill to two whole pills. At least I did not realize what I had done  until the drugs had left my system or I would have been really freaking out. Now, I just realize the importance of paying attention to what I am doing.


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