OCD Medication

Last week, my doctor decided that I should take my OCD medication twice a day instead of once a day. I was not happy to hear that. I used to take the medication at night but after awhile, I asked if I could start taking it in the morning because I was having trouble sleeping. My sleeping greatly improved after I made the switch. But now that I have to take it twice in one day, I have to take one pill at night. I made the switch four nights ago and I have only slept ‘decently’ for one night. I decided this morning that I am going back to one pill in the morning. It did help for a short time. And I will be leaving in a couple of days to start my summer job at the amusement park. Because of the different environment, I am hoping that will help since I have ordering OCD.


7 thoughts on “OCD Medication

  1. How does that type of OCD affect you? If you’re comfortable sharing and it’s not a compulsion, what types of compulsions do you have that comes from that type of OCD?

    My Abilify used to keep my up at bit when I took it at night, but I don’t think it does that anymore… couldn’t you take your med during the afternoon instead of at night? So, once in the morning and once in the afternoon? I imagine you’ll bring up the issue to your doctor when you see them next.

    Good luck at the summer job!! Sounds like it could be fun =]


  2. Ooof, sorry to hear about that šŸ˜¦ Have you tried meds before?
    I see a therapist specialized in OCD and depression and I personally also take medications and that’s helped me to tackle the behavioral components over time. Although I totally need a tune-up/re-boot soon. šŸ˜›


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