Offensive Facebook Game

Last night, my best friend from high school posted the numbers 1-30 with little padlocks beside each number. She said that you needed to pick a number and something would appear in your inbox. I am not one for that kind of Facebook stuff but I was curious. And since it was from my former best friend, I knew there would be nothing wrong with responding. I was expecting some cute picture or saying to appear. Instead, I got 30 questions and was told to answer number 14 because that was the number I picked and send it as a private message to her and then I was to post the same post with the numbers 1-30.

My question was about a childhood memory and I felt no need to answer it. I also saw no need to repost the same status (I never post statuses, just pictures) because some of the questions were extremely personal and some were very offensive. I could not believe that my friend who is a strong Catholic would go through with such a thing. I do not care if she responded to a different friend’s post. That does not mean that she needs to continue the game.

There used to a time (back before I had Facebook but when I had email) that if it said to send to some many people otherwise something bad would happen I would do it. It is not that I actually believed it because God is in charge and would never require someone to send a dumb email multiple times. But because I have OCD, I did not want to take the chance. I have changed since then and do not post things just because it says to.

As a Christian, I am not going to pass the stupid offensive post on. I am still astounded that my friend would actually do it too.


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