The Innocent Gorilla

The big news story right now is a little boy that some how ended up in a gorilla habitat at a zoo and the gorilla was killed because of it. I obviously was not there but it saddens me that the gorilla had to lose its life because of the situation that played out.

I have no idea how the boy could possibly have ended up in the habitat. Parents should have been watching the child closely. Plus, the viewing area is quite a ways above the enclosure. Surely the boy did not fall because he would have been badly injured. So it probably took him time to get down there and his parents never noticed that he was gone until he ended up in the water?

Once the boy gets down there, it appears that the gorilla is trying to protect the little boy. It probably was a little frightened by all the people screaming above. Reports said that the boy was dragged a little but every video I watched that part was edited out. However, the gorilla did not ever try to kill the little boy and he had every chance to do so.

Because of some dumb actions of the parents, zoo keepers, and the little boy, an innocent gorilla had to lose its life. I know the reports said that tranquilizers would take too long but there are lots of people that interact with gorillas. How else did that one gorilla learn sign language? There was no need to kill the gorilla, especially since the little boy was not even seriously injured.


One thought on “The Innocent Gorilla

  1. I feel strongly that this was a horrible thing. I am no gorilla expert but know that such a large creature could easily have maimed or killed the child in an instant.
    It looked to me as if the gorilla carried the child to a safer location. If it had been intent on killing or reacting violently toward the child it would seem likely that it would have done so immediately as a reaction to an intruder.
    Instead, it appeared as if it recognized a baby creature and helped it out of the deeper water.
    It is understood that zoo staff was in the horrible position of making sure that nothing might happen because a child nor a full grown man could defend against a gorilla that size and figuring out how to extract the child certainly would have posed a near impossible challenge as long as the gorilla was holding onto it.
    The gorilla appeared to treat the child as it would a baby gorilla. Grasped the hand and pulled it to the safety of more shallow water. Of course, young gorillas could jump to their feet much more readily than that boy so it looked a little rough to the ignorant in the crowd.
    Unfortunately, experimenting with animal behavior in such a case is not something that any responsible zoo management could possibly allow.
    After all, not long ago a chimpanzee that was raised in a home with a woman suddenly decided to viciously attack a visitor in the house and literally ripped her face off. Apparently without warning. So people who are charged with maintaining large wild animals just have to assume that the possibility of an extremely violent behavior exists as long as a person is within reach of the animal.
    I doubt strongly that gorilla would have done the child any intentional harm and it is tragic that the zookeepers had to react in such a permanent and horrible way. I really want to hate them and the parents who created this situation.
    It is a terrible thing.
    Hopefully that zoo will never be given the opportunity to own another gorilla and those parents and that child will be banned from any zoo until the end of time.

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