Obesity Epidemic

Overweight people have always been an issue at the amusement park because they do not fit in the seats or we cannot get the safety restraints to lock. There was a time when I got very nervous when a large person got in line. I knew right away that they weren’t going to fit but we had to attempt it. Then, once it was obvious that they couldn’t go, we had to apologize to that person, unlock all the safety restraints, relock, and then recheck them. It is a pain. After awhile though, I got used to turning people away.

This year, obesity is standing out even more to me. I think it began after I saw several members of a family that were all extremely large. I think I also began to notice several older people that could not get around without the use of an electric wheelchair. It really saddened me because these people could not join their family on the rest of the rides. They couldn’t even walk around the park.

The other day, I saw the saddest sight of all. A little girl that was probably three or four came up to a kiddie ride with her extremely large mom and dad. The little girl was about as big around as she was tall. Several other employees saw her and talked about how sad it was and how difficult they had getting her on the rides. I blame the parents because a child that age would not be that heavy if it weren’t for the parents. The same thing is happening to a couple of students of mine. Their mom buys them lots of pop and candy. Not only are they gaining a lot of weight, they are also getting tons of cavities.

Someone in my community decided to lose weight by taking Xyngular. The product did not seem safe to me because anyone that was using the product lost a lot of weight very quickly. I was even more disturbed by a Facebook picture that said that a man lost weight by sitting behind the wheel of a tractor and not dieting. Obviously, once he stops using the product, the weight is going to come back. The only way to lose weight the right way is through diet and exercise. However, this woman that is behind it all is now promoting it like any other party product (jewelry parties, etc…) She is constantly posting challenges on Facebook about losing ten pounds in ten days. The other day she was complaining that she was not going to lose her eight pounds in eight days.

It all seemed too good to be true and very dangerous so I decided to ask the company a few questions. I have included my questions as well as the answers I was given.

My questions:

I have seen many of my Facebook friends using Xyngular and having fantastic results. However, the other day, I saw a post that really disturbed me. A person lost a lot of weight by just sitting behind the wheel of his tractor and doing nothing else. If the guy stops Xyngular, won’t he gain all that weight back because he hasn’t changed his lifestyle? To me, the product doesn’t seem very healthy.

 Also, I have seen reviews of people losing 8-10 pounds a week. I thought it was not healthy to lose more than a pound or two a week. I know that on the Biggest Loser, most contestants lose a ton of weight on the show and then they gain all of it back plus more. Will that happen to a person who takes Xyngular and then stops?
Somewhere I read that the product helps with mental health? Is that true? And how is it different from the antidepressants that I take every day? And what would happen if I stopped taking Xyngular? Would I have to go back to taking medication?
What kind of studies have been done on Xyngular? Have their been any long term studies on the effects of the product?
My last question is that will the product eventually stop helping you lose weight when you reach a healthy body weight? I am the right weight for my height so would there be any  benefits to me using the product?
Their Reply
The product can be so effective that some people can only take the product and not change anything else about their life style and still get great results. This is very rare though. Most people need to change at least a few things about their lifestyle to get results and keep the results. Eating healthy and exercising are the main factors or having a healthy lifestyle.

Some people are able to lose 8-10lbs while on the 8 day Ignite Plan and they just need to continue after that to eat healthy, exercise, drink lots of water, get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night, etc. to keep those great results and continue to lose weight.

The only studies that have been done are weight loss results on the Weight Loss Plan and on our newest products, Shine and Prime.

the products can help jump start your metabolism and the meal plans provided can help jump start healthy habits. Once someone has reacted their weight loss goal, they still need to continue to life a healthy lifestyle to maintain their healthy weight.


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