Mental Illness Awareness

*I want to begin by saying that I am not intending to offend anyone.

Lately, I have been thinking about racism and other forms of prejudices. I thought about how there is black history month as well as groups geared towards African Americans. Then, there are different events celebrating LGBT groups. I know that all of these events are to raise awareness and to celebrate their diversity. But it made me wonder how people would respond if some Caucasians or heterosexuals decided to form events that were very similar. Would that be considered reverse racism? I am not going to form groups based on either identity. I understand that some groups are formed because of they are in the minority and they really would like to raise awareness and celebrate their diversity. But then it made me think about mental illness and how it makes me different from the people around me. I know that there are days or months that raise awareness for suicide and depression. However, even though it is a day to raise awareness, it is an event that should have a bigger influence. There are no parades like with LGBT. There are no studies in classrooms about mental illness or famous people that suffer from different mental disorders like there are during black history month. And it can be frustrating because mental illness is already a taboo topic. If we are going to celebrate those days, we need to feel comfortable revealing our problems.


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