My Life at the Amusement Park

I am loving being back in the city and working at the amusement park. There is just so much that I want to do this summer. I have been going to the library a lot and checking out books and movies. I am not sure if I will be able to finish my wish list before the end of the summer. There are also several nights that I want to go swimming in the campground pool or visit the park on my days off. I also have to squeeze chores into all that too.

I asked my boss to schedule me for mostly day shifts this year. I get extremely anxious if I have to work nights. I am proud of myself for being bold enough to admit that I have a problem as well as to ask for accommodations. However, I also feel a little bad. I feel like maybe I should just have dealt with my anxiety and hope that by working at night will eventually end my anxiety. I already have problems though. I managed to pull out my entire left eyebrow and have to go to work half bald. I sometimes think of myself as a pirate even though I am only missing an eyebrow, not an eye. But on the plus side, I am getting control of my OCD!

I actually found another blog about a worker here. They even work in the same department. I really would like to subscribe to their blog but I am afraid that they might try to subscribe to my account. It would be very obvious if they read my past blogs that I work at the same park. And since I am in management, it would be pretty easy to figure out who I am. I have to remain anonymous so that I can raise awareness for mental illness while giving glory to God. Plus, I really do not want the whole world to know about my problems. So I will just continue reading the blog without commenting.

I did have to laugh at a comment that I saw posted about some people though that visited the park and complained that they were three very intelligent people that were very disappointed that the park closed at a particular time and they did not realize it. If they were extremely intelligent and willing to brag about it in this situation, they would have realized that the closing time was posted on the entrance sign as well as signs all over the entrance gate.


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