Rewarded at the Expense of Others

Yesterday at the amusement park, we had an adult guy that was shorter than the average male. Though he was short, he still looked like he was able to ride most if not all of the thrill rides in the park. However, there was some incident and he ended up complaining about it. It does not sound like he was that innocent either. From what I heard, he flipped somebody off. The guy wanted his money back and the person that talked to him said no. After all, if he was flipping somebody off, he probably was not making the incident any better. However, a person higher up gave him his money back and his family all left the park sometime in the afternoon.

I could not help but be reminded of the time last year when I told a family with a kid in a wheelchair that they could not ride because it was the end of the night and the dad went ballistic. At that time, I immediately thought that the guy felt he was entitled to everything in the world because of his son’s condition. I kind of got that impression yesterday as well.

I am not trying to offend or put down people with disabilities or characteristics that are considered unusual. There are several laws to give these people advantages such as certain parking spaces and wheelchair ramps. We also offer several accommodations in the park. But I believe that there is a time when everybody is equal and must follow the same rules as everyone else.

After all, a person in a wheelchair is not going to get a promotion at work because of the chair. They have to work for it just like everyone else. A person that is blind is not going to graduate college unless they are willing to work for it just like every other student.

I actually feel bad for this family that had to leave yesterday afternoon. I do not know the situation in which the guy was involved but he obviously felt that the best way to resolve it was to ruin his family’s special day. The guy may have been standing up for his rights but it was at his family’s expense. The family was probably having a good time before they left and I am sure they will talk about their favorite rides. Eventually though, the one memory they will have of this trip will be the time their dad threw a temper tantrum and they had to leave early. They will also never be able to return to the park ever again because we will remember them.

Everyone in life has problems. Some are more obvious than others. But we cannot keep making excuses and let our problems define us so that we get special advantages. Because at the end of life, you will h ave to reflect on your decisions and ask yourself whether you made a true impact on the world and accomplished all your dreams. And I hope that a person will not be proud of getting their money back at an amusement park where they will never be able to return to again.


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