Adopting a Cat

My cat is having a very difficult time living in a camper this summer. I am gone mostly from 9-5 and he gets bored. When I come home, I can hear him crying. And when I am home, all he does is cry because he wants to go outside. He gets to go out once in the morning and once at night.

I have been considering getting another cat to keep him company while I am away. It is surprisingly very difficult to find a cat. First, I looked at the classified ads but all I saw were ads for cats that cost 500 dollars. I then turned to Craigs List. I did find a kitten in the area but that person won’t respond to my messages. After that, I started looking at animal shelters. After all, animal shelters are always crowded.

It is astounding the requirements that shelters have. And because of them, I will not be able to adopt a cat even though I am a very caring owner. In order to adopt a pet, you have to have several home visits. Plus, you actually have to have a home or apartment. Since I am living in a camper right now, that is not good enough. If I was in charge of a shelter, I would be willing to let a pet go right away to a good pet lover. But all these restrictions make it too difficult and some pets will never get adopted. It is very sad.

I am out of options. One of my coworkers said she knows of a cat that is about to have kittens but then I would also have to wait until they are weaned. By then, the summer will be over and my cat and I will be going back to my apartment.


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