I Faced My Fears

My car was recalled a couple of years ago due to the ignition switch. More cars were recalled shortly after that. Because of the recall, I had to get a new key that would not cause the ignition switch to shut off while driving. The car dealership threw one of the old keys away but for some reason, I kept one of the keys. That key became part of my OCD compulsion.

I did not use this old key to drive. I only used the key to unlock the doors. Every time I needed to unlock my car, I would use the old key. Then, once I was in the car, I would have to go through my many keys to find the right one to drive.

I also used this key to lock my doors if I was not at home. If I was home, I would just push down on the lock in the window. It did not matter what the temperature was or how much of a hurry I was in. I had to use the old key to lock my car.

I knew that I was being irrational about the key. Using a key is not going to cause your day to be good or bad. I just could not throw it away though, no matter how much I wanted to.

Lately, I have been thinking that maybe I can get rid of the key. Every time I thought about actually doing it though, I could not take it off my key chain. Yesterday, I finally got the courage to take the key off. I still have it. I actually carried it around in my pocket today. Hopefully soon, the key will be able to be thrown away.


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