A Broken World

As I look around at the world around me, I cannot help but look at the serious issues facing our world. People have no morals or values. Everything comes at someone else’s expense. People feel that they are always entitled to things no matter what the situation. It is really sad what our world has come to.

Obesity has become a huge problem in the United States. While some people have medical problems that cause weight gain, others choose to consume the calories and let the rest of the world deal with their problems. I watch numerous families come to the amusement park where I work and are unable to ride because of their weight. I had a woman come up and complain one time on a coaster and said that the employees were not pushing hard enough on her restraint. She was not willing to take responsibility for her problem. And for many, they will not try to do anything about their weight. And why should they? There are TV shows that profit from obesity. There is also so many temptations when it comes to food. And with convenience of some meals comes high calories.

The world also focuses on blaming others that are intent on profiting on their own mistakes. Take the woman that sued McDonalds because she put her coffee between her legs and it spilled. She sued and won because of the burns that she sustained. And I read in the news just recently that someone else was trying to do the same thing.

We live in a world that has no morals. The Bible is not the center of people’s lives. They choose to follow their own ways instead of what God has planned. In this case, I am talking about those that choose to have sex before marriage and end up having a child out of wedlock. Many of my former high school classmates are not married but many of them have children. I am definitely in the minority because I have chosen to wait until marriage (and I am not even sure I want to get married). There are so many problems though with children that are born out of wedlock. Look at all the daytime shows that feature children that have no idea who their real father is.

The center of many people’s world is their cell phones. I watch as people get ignored because they are so busy texting. It really upset me when my friends would do that to me. Obviously who they were texting were more important to me. After awhile, I just quit waiting for them because I was not a priority. I also see problems with cell phones at the amusement park. Children have to wait for their parents to finish with their phones before they can get on rides. People make a big fuss when they lose their cell phones on rides. Some teenagers don’t even get to experience the park because they text through the entire ride. One time, I even saw a teenager that found an empty outlet and was charging her phone while using it as rides were running around her.

We live in such a broken world because of people’s priorities and values. And I only discussed a few examples. I am open to comments about other problems in our world.


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