Representing Your Country

Yesterday at work, one of the employees called me over and said that there was an upset woman that wanted to talk to a manager. I went over to the woman and immediately she began by telling me that she was from Denmark. I honestly could not see how that related to a complaint and really did not care. But then she told me that her daughter was too short to ride a particular ride but that there was a boy that was the same height as her daughter currently on the ride. She said that would never happen in Denmark. That is not the first time that a parent has complained about another child. It is really stupid because usually the other child is slightly taller and that makes them eligible to ride. I told the woman I would talk to the ride operator even though it was too late to measure the child. Plus, I knew that this operator knew what he was doing. He would not have let the child on if he was too short. I pretended to discipline the operator while he proceeded to measure every kid that got on the ride.

That was not my last encounter with the woman though. Later, I was helping people get off the ride and she decided that her way was better than mine and was very rude when I asked her to follow my directions.

After that incident, I could not help but think how this woman was doing a poor job of representing her country. Obviously, she is going to go back and talk about how bad the United States is because she came to the amusement park determined to have a bad time. But when coming to a foreign country, I feel that you need to be open to new ideas and be willing to follow them. I know that not all people from Denmark are rude because I have family from Denmark but to some people, they will get a bad impression based on the behavior of this rude/know it all woman.


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