Theft at Walmart

I was at Walmart this morning when I saw something that shocked me. A guy nearby picked up an individual snack and opened it. Then, he began to eat it. The two other people in his group made a comment about how he should not do it while people were watching and that was really what alerted me that something was going on.

I really was not sure what I should do. I was the only one that witnessed the event. There were no employees in sight. I knew that even if I went to find one, it would be too late. Either the thief would be gone or the snack would be gone.

I know that the snack probably cost two dollars or less but that is not the point. What if we all stole snacks? I know Walmart makes a lot of money but it would eventually cost them (even if it was a small amount). The point is, stealing is wrong. He knew what he was doing wrong because not only was he a teen or adult, the people around him said not to do it. They did not stop him though, just like I did not stop him. I had no idea what to do in such a situation.


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