I never had braces as a teenager. The dentist told my mom that I needed them but my family was very poor. The insurance company wouldn’t pay for them so I just had to live with my crooked teeth. Last spring though, I started looking more closely at my teeth and considering that maybe I should get braces. However, since I was going to be leaving to go work at the amusement park, I decided I would think about it in July. It is July and I am not sure what I should do. My teeth aren’t that bad. The teeth that could be considered fangs in vampires are really pushed up front. It bothers me when I laugh. I am constantly putting my fingers up near my lips and feeling them through my skin. I am twenty five though. I know some adults do get braces. I just don’t know what to do about this situation. 


One thought on “Braces

  1. That’s a difficult decision. Make a pros and cons list. Decide how much your teeth bother you. It will be okay if you get braces, and there are invisible braces. Look into your options and then decide. It’s hard to decide without information.

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