Finding an Apartment

I realized several months ago that I could not stand my landlords. This came about when I asked them to fix the bedroom where the air vents don’t work. I also asked that time for them to look at the roof because during a heavy rainstorm, the roof leaked in multiple spots. I was getting upset at this time because they had been complaining that the heat bill was too high (my utilities are part of my rent). They were complaining because I ran my heat on emergency all winter because the heat bill was too high last year so they called someone to come look at it and he told me to run the heat on emergency all the time. Then, this year, my landlords didn’t bother to complain about the heat bill until winter was nearly over. They also could not tell me themselves. They made the guy who worked on the heat tell me. And he denies that he ever told me that I should run on emergency heat. They never fixed the roof or looked at the air vents. They also never took me seriously when I said that one of the windows leaks badly. There way of dealing with the situation was to raise my rent. They did tat right before I left to work at the amusement park. During the summer, I still pay full rent even though there are no utility bills.

After the raise in rent, I was extremely angry. They are taking advantage of me and there are few housing opportunities in the town where I live. Someone found me another person to call but the idea of moving quickly fell through after I told them I have cats.

I hate the town where I live. I spend a lot of money on my apartment and I get no service in return. They cannot respect me but yet I have no other choices.


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