Work Ethic

Based on what I have observed the last two days, it seems like there are people that have no work ethic. I can easily seeing them struggle to get a job in the future because of all the mistakes they have made. They are very obvious mistakes. Anyone that really wants a job would know that that kind of behavior is not appropriate. And this is the immediate future. We are forced to rely on people like the ones I am about to describe.

At the amusement park, only managers are allowed to have cell phones. The reason that is allowed is because sometimes managers need to have conversations with other managers without saying everything over the radio. Yesterday though, one of the managers told me that he had to stop another manager from playing Pokemon in the park while she was working.

Then, last night, an employee told me that they were fed up with management because another manager was playing Pokemon. Even though it goes against what I feel comfortable doing, I turned the two managers in to the supervisor. I did not care that they were also my friends.

Then, today at the park, we were short on employees so a different part of the amusement corporation brought a few employees to work rides. They have done this in the past and it usually goes ok. Today was a disaster though. At lunch time, two of the three employees went on break and never came back. It was obvious very early on that they did not want to be there but it was very wrong to not complete the shift. I learned that one of them will be fired tomorrow. I imagine they have done other things though that warrant being fired.

There are parts of every job that are not fun. But if you want a job, you have to be willing to do it all so that you can keep your job. For the one employee, it was the final straw. For the other one, I imagine that will go on his record which could make it difficult to get references for a future job.

There are so many people that want a job and then there are those that are so unappreciative.


One thought on “Work Ethic

  1. We started a new clerk in my office some years ago. She found that she could not purchase cigarettes inside the building. (I don’t know why she thought she could, or why she didn’t bring enough for the day.) She left at morning coffee-break to get some….and never came back. 😦

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