Bad Parents

The other day while I was working at the amusement park, I could not help but notice how many bad parents there are. I can only imagine what their kids will be like as adults.

One dad was breaking the rules while his daughter was on a kiddie ride. He was not even riding but he was causing problems for the ride. I got after him but he did not seem to care. That poor girl is going to grow up thinking that the rules do not apply to her. And if she gets in trouble at school, her parents will probably just ignore it and blame the teacher.

I noticed several parents paying more attention to their cell phone than to their children. That is very sad. If kids cannot get attention from their parents, they will try to get attention another way. That will probably mean that they will get in trouble. And when these kids grow up, they will be just as addicted to their cell phones as well. And of course, these kids will get cell phones at a very young age even though they do not need them.

The next parents show very little responsibility. They let their kids wander around them but really do not pay any attention. I had to get after a small child that had gone over the fence and on to the railroad tracks. The mother did not even notice until I jumped into action. These kids get lost easily and when they are just a little bit older, their parents allow them to wander around the amusement park with their friends. This usually leads to trouble. These kids will probably do stupider things when they get older such as alcohol and drugs because they have never had supervision.

I wrote earlier about our broken world. It will only get worse if parents do not take an interest in their children’s lives and try to be there for them to make a difference.


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