Going to the Dentist with Anxiety

I have been experiencing pain in my mouth for the last couple of days and it just wouldn’t go away. I did some research and was not finding any answers. Besides, I could not even tell if the pain was from my jaw or tooth. I finally had it and decided to look into a dentist. I hate going to the dentist. It is also way worse when you have anxiety disorder. It is a good thing I only had a couple of hours before I needed to be there because the longer I have to think about it, the worse my anxiety gets.

I am still in the city for the summer so I did some research and found one close by. I went in yesterday and they could not find any cause for my pain. They finally decided that because my antidepressants cause me to grind my teeth, I probably had a sore jaw and was given some medication. They also said that braces would probably help.

I told them that I had an appointment next week for braces. I wrote about a month ago that I was not sure if I should get braces as an adult or not. I  made a pros and cons list and decided to go through with it once I get back home for the school year. They also said that I should actually get a cleaning too before I get braces.

The cleaning was this morning. I had about twenty four hours to worry about it but I guess that is better than having the appointment scheduled on the calendar months in advance. Surprisingly though, I did not take my anxiety medicine that I can take whenever I am experiencing high anxiety. I just took my regular medication.

Unfortunately, I did have a couple of cavities but I guess that is what I get for not going to the dentist in forever. I guess I have learned my lesson. I also have another reason for getting braces: My teeth are so crooked that it is hard to brush and floss them.


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