Is There Sleep in My Future?

I am back home from my summer at the amusement park. I already miss work and my friends. The one thing I look forward to the most though is sleep. I have worked very hard this summer and had little opportunity to stop and rest. Plus, my medication made it very difficult to get sleep when I could. I would wake up countless times during the night, hating my medication and at one point, not even taking one of my pills. I actually could not wait to go to the doctor (kind of funny for a person that gets extreme anxiety about the doctor). I made an early appointment today. My doctor is actually on some of the same medication as me and understands what I am going through. She really did not want to prescribe another medication and I can’t say I blame her. I am already on four different medications and I hate that. So she recommended Benadryl. If that does not work, she recommended one other thing and then after that, she will resort to a prescription. I really hope that the Benadryl works. I am actually really excited to go to bed tonight. I slept badly last night and I am eager to see if this will work.


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