Suicide Awareness

When I was student teaching, the teacher I was working with used to get really mad when another teacher would complain about how inservices were a waste of time. I tried to see the benefit in all the inservices that we attended but I often found it difficult. It is even more true at the school I am at now.

Today, we had to do this suicide awareness online program. As a person that suffers from mental illness and have had thoughts of suicide in the past, I thought it was a great idea. I really did not think it was necessary for elementary teachers but at the same time, there was a sixth grade student that committed suicide when I was in high school. I did think it was a great idea for high school teachers since I was depressed in college but know one noticed. But then when I get working on the program, I realize how horrible it really was. It was two hours long and basically repeated the same information over and over. There were several videos but you had to sit in front of the screen so that you could keep hitting ‘next’. The same information was mentioned several different times.

All the other teachers complained about how long the program was too. After awhile, I realized that I could turn the volume off and just keep pushing next whenever the box appeared and it did not matter. I would feel bad but I already knew most of the information from being depressed and having thoughts of suicide and because the information kept repeating.

Mental illness awareness with a Christian emphasis is literally my life’s goal. However, I have my doubts that this program did much to educate.


One thought on “Suicide Awareness

  1. I love your life’s goal! I think mental illness as a whole is so stigmatized within the Christian community. It seems like everyone just says “Well you should just pray harder” or when they insinuate it’s because someone doesn’t have enough faith. It’s so much more than that. Of course, prayer helps, but sometimes God answers our prayers by putting people in our lives to help us. I think it’s a good idea that schools educate teachers on suicidality, but it sounds like the method they used with your school isn’t the greatest.


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