I Have Had Enough

I am so done! I do not have the support needed. I am expected to carry out high expectations at work with little to no help. Living in the middle of no where makes people think that I have to pick up extra responsibilities. Like I am not doing enough already. Living in the middle of no where makes people think that the rules do not apply so all these unreasonable expectations can be given without a thought about me or anyone that is affected. I am not sure how I can be expected to make it through the whole  year. I haven’t even made it two weeks yet. And almost every night, I come either in tears or close to tears wanting to take out my frustrations in the wrong ways. I go to work every day with a feeling of dread. A part of me is optimistic but another part of me knows that is it will be another long and frustrating day. I already feel like I need a day off. Avoiding my problems are not going to make them any better. But going head on into my problems is not helping either.


5 thoughts on “I Have Had Enough

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m assuming you’re talking about that difficult student and you haven’t gotten the help to deal with them yet? It sounds difficult, and it sounds like it makes it harder for you to teach the rest of the kids. I can understand that feeling of dread. I wish I had some advice to you for how to handle that situation, but unfortunately I don’t. Don’t be afraid to take a day if you need it. Your mental (and physical) health deserve it.


    • I have gotten some help and it has made my life a little easier. I still have a few more difficult students though. It just gets to be too much, especially since I teach two grades at the same time. I know I can’t but I really have felt like quitting for the last few days. Of course, that doesn’t help me with the doubt about whether I am in the right career.

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      • It sounds like a lot to deal with. I bet teaching 2 grades at once is difficult. Your counselor might be able to help with the career stuff, as she might be able to give you some career assessment-type stuff that might help. I know that it’s hard to change careers, and it’s hard to even think about it. If you decide that you do want to change careers, it will be okay. It’s scary, but it will be okay. If you need anything, you know how to reach me 🙂


      • Thanks. I am scared about bringing up a career change because I am so uncertain of it and she has been encouraging me to take classes so that I can be a teacher in my home state. I absolutely hate taking classes because of the stress. How do I mention this to her after so has already come up with an action plan to help with OCD and depression and social anxiety? It just seems like so much.

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      • It’s not too much. Plans can always be changed or adapted to fit whatever the current need is. Counselors are taught to be flexible. If it’s important to you, or if you feel that having some clarity would be beneficial, it’s okay to bring it up.

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