Counseling Cancelled!? Part 2

If you read my blog from earlier today, you will remember that I refused to go to counseling next week because the time was very close to choir practice. I also mentioned that I was not sure how I felt about going to counseling anymore. Counseling Cancelled!?

Tonight I got word that since there were not enough people interested in choir, we were not going to meet any more. That means that I am available for that appointment next week, providing that they haven’t already filled it.

I am debated about whether I should call the secretary and say that I am now available since they had yet to find a time for me to go. On the other hand, I really do not think I want to go so if I do not make the contact, maybe I will get a week or two of freedom. I know that they will eventually contact me to try to schedule an appointment. Really, I am just avoiding the inevitable. I don’t want to quit because what if I end up at a really low point in my life again? But I am not really up for it anymore. I just don’t want to be a quitter twice.


5 thoughts on “Counseling Cancelled!? Part 2

  1. Did they leave it up to you to schedule the next one, after you declined the timeslot due to choir?
    Write out a pros/cons list about calling and asking for that timeslot. That’s always helpful for me.
    Also, I don’t think you’re a quitter. I think you’re in the very unfortunate spot of not having multiple counselors to choose from due to your geographic area, and so there’s just this counselor. And that does suck. But it doesn’t make you a quitter.


    • They said they would look at the schedule so I imagine I will be called back. If I signed an agreement last time for cut and I were to back out, would I expect to pay for it? I will definitely try a pros and cons list to see where it gets me. I won’t quit in an instant. I sometimes rush decisions and react immediately. I will think and pray about this decision and react from there. My guess is that I won’t get in next week so I guess I can just monitor my feelings for the next few days as well.

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      • I meant cbt. I have been using an iPad and it is correcting my spelling. She had me sign an agreement that the plan was to use cbt as well as work on strategies for social anxiety. I just did not want to be charged for several weeks of sessions if I did not go through with them. I am still debating about what I will do though so no decision yet about whether I will go or quit.

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      • Interesting. I’ve never heard of signing an agreement for a plan. Each counselor/counseling agency has their own rules about payment, so I’m really not sure. I would think that you wouldn’t be charged if you didn’t go.


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