Cell Phone Loneliness

I used to get really annoyed in college when my friends would text on their phone and just ignore me. I got even more irritated when we would be walking and they would say we needed to stop so that they could text someone. It got to the point where I would not wait for them. I did not have texting in college and while I sometimes felt like I was ignored because people would rather than text than call, I was still grateful that I was not attached to my cell phone.

I have texting now. Not that I text a lot of people. I really do not anyone that I really talk to. I have one friend that will text me if something is going on otherwise my phone is usually silent. That does not keep me from checking my phone often though when I am at home, especially on weekends. It gets to the point when I am so lonely that I wish for a text just so I know that someone cares and acknowledges my existence.

My phone has been on vibrate pretty much since I got a cell phone but I find that on weekends I actually will turn up the volume. I want to be able to hear when the text comes. I knew that this would be a lonely weekend. I kept my phone on vibrate because I did not expect a call. So when my phone buzzed yesterday, I got really excited. I was immediately disappointed though when I realized that it was just an app giving me a notification about something I really did not care about.

It is not that I am really attached to my phone. Before I moved here, I often left my phone in my room and would go the whole day without looking at it. It was kind of a joke that I was hard to get ahold of. It is a different story now though. I keep my phone especially close on weekends just in case. Sometimes I am lucky and my friend wants to hang out. And other times I am subjected to a weekend of loneliness.


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