Long and Difficult Week

This was one of those weeks where I have felt like I have been barely staying afloat. So much has been thrown my way. I no sooner finish one thing and I am handed two more responsibilities. I can feel myself getting overwhelmed in general about life and know that I could easily reach the point where I shut down and am unable to finish anything. That is not a good thing when looking at all I have not yet done and all that I have to do next week.

I was really doing great at the beginning of the week. I was staying on top of grading and lesson plans. Then, I get the schedule for state testing, which begins next week. Suddenly, my lesson plans need changed. And no sooner after that than do I learn that I have some inservice I am required to attend for three days next week so that means getting ready for a sub. On the plus side though, that is three days I do not have to spend in the classroom.

It was after that when everything began falling apart and I got behind. I had to leave early Tuesday to go to the dentist to get my braces tightened. I was supposed to go after school but then the dentist needed to leave early so the principal told me just to get a sub for the late afternoon. I came back after I got done and graded papers and got the classroom ready for the next day. But then the next day we got out early for an inservice and you get no opportunity to work for thirty minutes after school like on normal days so that work did not all get done. And then Thursday, I had to leave right after school for counseling. I stayed late yesterday even though we can leave right at three thirty on Fridays but because I am going to be gone for three days next week, I just need time to work. I also went in this morning to do more work. And I still have stuff that needs completed!!!

And it seemed like unforeseen circumstances had to creep up at the most inconvenient times. There was a special activity on Thursday that most of the older kids got to participate in. My class got to go right before lunch so we were about ten minutes late. It was also the day that I have noon duty so the other students were getting restless because my class needed to still eat before recess. But then during lunch, I had a student in my class not feel well so I had to deal with that. So then one of the staff members decided to inform me that the kids were restless because they were late to recess. She had no reason to even be in the cafeteria so I talked back to her about why they were late. I normally would not approve of talking back to anyone but when she is not in charge, she has no room to talk.

Then, Friday, I walked into the classroom to discover that the last hermit crab had died. I really was not in the mood to have the crab’s funeral but I knew it had to be done because they start to smell really bad if you wait too long. So I had to schedule time during the day to let the students bury the crab. We will not be getting any more though since my students cannot behave and rarely got to hold him anyway. It will also make my life slightly easier because I am the one that has to deal with the crabs during break as well as my own personal fish and two cats.

And now it is the weekend and I am trying to play catch up because of everything that happened this week. It is just so frustrating!


One thought on “Long and Difficult Week

  1. My deepest sympathy goes out to you. I know how tough a week in teaching can become… Being One myself. Unfortunately there is no respite. We can only hope the next week will be better.

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