My Crazy Life

I feel like it has been forever since I last posted. Actually, it feels like forever since I was able to do something normal. My life seems to have me going in a thousand directions and I am expected to be in more than one location at a time. It has me absolutely exhausted and it doesn’t help that I am getting absolutely no sleep.

The one positive from all of this is that I got to take a three day vacation to a city four hours from my home. I was actually freaking out before I left because I had never planned my own trip. I had to book the hotel and make the plans. Then, I  had to drive there (I am not the greatest of drivers) and then go to different places. I did surprisingly well. I had a pretty good time. There was one day where I did feel extremely lonely and really wanted to cut though. I also missed my cats dreadfully. I made it through it though. It definitely helped that I had nothing sharp around me.

Coming back though meant reality and all the things that had been neglected. There were tons of things that I needed to get done at school because last week was extremely crazy and I could not keep up with it all. The same is true this week. And of course, whenever I have a really busy week, more things are thrown my way.

This week is state testing and Homecoming week. I have counseling tomorrow. I am exhausted and very thankful that I was able to come home from school today and just relax.


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