Good and Bad Craziness

I have been wanting to write for the last few days but it seems like my life is so crazy. That can be a good thing and a bad thing. Being busy kept me from cutting the other night. Being busy can be great if it is something I enjoy doing. But being overwhelmed is a different story and that is what can cause me to shut down. I know right now that it is probably the cause of me pulling my hair and leading to me only having one eyebrow.

Anyway, the first thing that has been keeping me busy is that I got my first freelance writing job! All I had to do was write two reviews for different products. It only paid five dollars and after took their share, it only ended up being four dollars. But it is a start! Plus, I told God that my writing would be for Him so that meant any money would go to Him. I am really excited to get paid so that I can donate the money!

I am also working on applying for another freelance job so that has me excited too because it means that I could have even more work. That was a difficult application because I had to write a summary of a news article that took place in India. Despite the article being in English, it was still difficult to read.

On top of that, I am also a Christian book reviewer now. I don’t think it pays but I do get free books to review for Amazon and here. My book arrived today and I am excited to get started.

Last night, I ended up going to a neighboring town for a teacher conference. I am surprised I even signed up since teaching is not my passion and I am ready to be done. However, it was based on a book I was supposed to read in college and it is an interesting topic. But because of lack of passion, it made my teacher observation yesterday more relaxed because I honestly let a lot of things slide. Who knows if that is a good thing.

My teacher friend is trying to make my life more complicated by telling me that I need to get my students involved in the high school Veteran’s program. I am in charge of my life though and I will do what I want to do. And right now, my educational priorities are else where. I will make the decision when the classroom is not so hectic and I am sure that my students are all comfortable and capable with whatever I find for them to do. But I absolutely hate it when my friend tells me to do something. I do have a say in my classroom because there are very few standards at our school (not that that is necessarily a good thing).

Finally, my cat got declawed and fixed today. She can’t go home until tomorrow. I miss her so much. I won’t be able to pick her up until late tomorrow afternoon. 😦


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