Second Freelance Job

I have been offered another freelance writing job. I know I should be excited but after attempting the first part of the job, I am sure that the client will not like my writing and refuse to pay me.

I really debated on whether I should take the job in the first place. The requirements include four articles about this weight loss product. The website I was given to read was very difficult to understand and my first article had to be 1,500 words. So not only was I trying to understand the information, I was trying to come up with enough words (reminds me of college). However, I kept thinking about how I promised God that any money I made from published writing would be for Him. And when I think about donating it to the church, I could not turn the job down, despite the difficulty. Plus, I hope that someday, I will be able to get better jobs because I will actually have experience. Being a writer is hard.


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