OCD Medication Withdrawl

I went on Fluvoxamine for OCD last February. And I have pretty much hated it since the very beginning. I could not sleep on it so I ended up taking it in the morning. Then, my dosage got increased. I was suppose to take one pill in the morning and one at night. And I still could not sleep. I took both in the morning and still could not sleep.

I would often take breaks from the medication knowing that that was not right. I just wanted to sleep though. And every non-prescription sleep aid on the market did not go well with my medication. When I got back this summer, my doctor recommended Benadryl or melatonin. Neither of them worked. That is when I got put on Ambien. While I did not want to be on any more medication, I just wanted to sleep. And I finally got in with Ambien. However, Ambien only works for a few days and then you need to take a few day break. I would usually save the break for weekends.

All too soon, the Ambien was gone and I was back to no sleep. Just recently, I decided I was done. I was going to stop taking my medication. I knew that it would mean dealing with my OCD (thankfully mine is fairly mild) but it meant choosing between sleep and OCD.

I quit cold turkey, which was no different than the times where I had taken a few days off. However, there was one thing I had not counted on: Night sweats. I had experienced night sweats several times throughout the summer but I never gave them much thought as to why I was experiencing them. These recent night sweats were absolutely terrible. I was sleeping but I would also dream every hour and then wake up soaked in sweat but also freezing. There were days that I just thought about giving in and taking my medication.

I tried doing research and tried to learn how long these horrible night sweats would last. I had trouble finding withdrawal information though. Most of the information online warned that the mood would be affected. But because I am on an antidepressant, I was ok there. I withdrew from an antidepressant last year so I know that torture.

The night sweats lasted a total of two weeks. The last night, I only woke up once and I knew that the torture was finally coming to an end. And since then, I have slept peacefully. There is no way I am going back to the torture of no sleep or night sweats.


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