Turning Down a Job

I think I am going to turn down my first freelance writing job. It bothers me greatly but I feel like it is the right thing to do. The company that needed articles for a blog is based out of Indian. No offense to the Indians because I am currently working for someone out of India and have so far had no problems. However, every time I get a message from this company, it is very difficult to read and understand. If I am able to understand it, then of course, I have to respond to it.

The first thing I had to do for them was read through about seven short articles about the company’s expectations. I did not exactly like the requirements though. Paragraphs could only be of two sentences and could contain very few words. A sentence could consist of one sentence. Maybe that style works for that company, but it doesn’t work for me. I do not teach that way in my classroom. I have students that can write better than that.

I completed my first article for them yesterday. It was not easy forgetting about common rules like having several sentences for a paragraph. It was also not easy writing the article. I was very confused on the instructions. I sent it in and asked for advice so that I could improve for next time. I got a response back today and basically, nothing was right. I was told to rewrite the entire thing. Again, I understood very few of the new directions. I admitted that I was open for criticism. I know that as a writer I will get rejected. I guess I was not prepared for everything to be wrong with it.

I am going to politely turn the down the company. I write for fun and for God. I am not going to work if it is too difficult. That takes away all the fun. Plus, my stress level is high enough right now.


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