Bossy Friend

I was so irritated with my friend today. It happened all within a few minutes and I nearly started crying at school. I have mentioned before that I am no longer going to do what my friend says unless it is something I believe in. There is still a difference between doing and listening though.

The first instance happened right after I took my students out for recess. The temperature was decent and several of my students asked if they could take their coats off. I learned long ago that it does no good to argue with them. Most of the time, I feel that they are old enough to make the decision. If they are cold, they will put their coats on or learn their lesson to bring their coats next time. However, my friend did not agree and gave me a lecture how they are not enough to make the decision and that I need to make it for them. I teach third and fourth graders! Even though I am no longer doing what she says, I was still really upset.

After that, I got another lecture about some paperwork that needed to be turned into the principal. I may not be a new teacher since this is my third year but I have never had experience with the paperwork and accidently did something wrong. The principal said he really would like it at the end of the day but his email made it seem like a suggestion. Since I happened to be very busy today, I told my friend that maybe I would do it tomorrow.

If I wanted my friend’s advice, I would ask. I always do ask. In fact, I was the one that asked her about the proper paperwork after I completed the wrong one. Instead, she has to boss me around and I really do not like it.

However, it is not like I have any other friends. There are days when I am so lonely and it just contributes to my problems. I have no idea what I should do in this situation.


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