Good-Bye My Friend

I feel like my best friend and I are drifting away. We hardly spend any time together. The other day, she twice told me to do in less than fifteen minutes. I made the decision not to listen to her demands anymore.

My counselor and I talked about this yesterday. She gave me two suggestions: Talk to her or attempt to move on. There is no way I can talk to her. I feel like trying to have this discussion will only make things worse. Plus, I struggle to speak anyway. It would be better if I could write it.

Moving on seems like giving up. It is not the option that I am most pleased with. After all, without her, I have no friends. Loneliness consumes me quite often. I told my counselor though that maybe it is better that the friendship go on the wayside. After all, I want out of this town so much.

It is not going to be easy to let go. When the loneliness sets in, there is going to be the longing for a companion in which I can share my struggles and my accomplishments. It is not going to be an easy process.


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