Not in a Good Mood

I was so irritated with my mom last night. Despite me no longer living at home, she still feels the need to tell me what to do.

I had a trip planned for this past Saturday and Sunday. A week ago, there was snow in the forecast for that Friday. So during my weekly phone call to my mom, I did not bother to mention the trip because I knew I would have gotten the same lecture I always get when there is snow in the forecast and I have something planned.

On Friday, there was indeed snow. School actually got canceled because of the high winds. I was no leaving until Saturday though and the area where I was going had not gotten any snow. I knew it was perfectly safe on Saturday for me to leave. And sure enough, I had no problems.

So yesterday during my weekly phone call to my mom, I tried telling her about my trip. And she was too focused on her lecture that she hardly listened to anything I had to say. I almost never say anything when we are on the phone because I have no life. My life consists of mental illness. And yet, when I actually did want to speak, she felt the need to lecture about something that was never an issue. The snow had stopped long before that, there was hardly any snow accumulation, the roads had been cleared, and the storm had been over for at least twenty-four hours when I had left. However, she did not seem to get that.

Honestly, I am adult now and get to make my own decisions. I am not stupid though. I would not have left if it was dangerous.


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