Surviving Thanksgiving

I somehow have managed to make it through the holiday without any problems. I have been dreading going home for awhile. My mom’s house is absolutely disgusting and then I have to endure her bossiness all the while I am trying to pretend that nothing in my life is wrong and that I do not have any mental disorders. I was especially dreading coming home after my mom decided to boss me around last week when I called her on the phone over a past incident that she had absolutely no control over and had actually worked out fine. I had even emailed my counselor for advice before I left.

I have hardly spent any time at my parents’ house since arriving though and that has helped me survive the messiness. Plus, I keep reminding myself that I am here to see people, not the house. I will also go home this afternoon to prevent spending any more time here.

There were a couple of times when I felt a little hurt by my family throughout break but once I thought about it, I realized that with my social problems, it is actually for the better. For example, my brothers were talking about texting and messaging my aunt through Facebook. I don’t think she has ever texted me. Of course, all she ever does is make fun of me and I really have nothing to say to her. Plus, I am more comfortable not being obligated to respond to random messages.

Maybe I actually learned some things about myself this weekend that will help me grow as I continued to fight my mental illness!


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