Impersonal Christmas

Since everyone in my family is getting older, it has been decided that we will no longer exchange Christmas presents anymore. After all, for the last several years, it has just been an exchange of money and gift cards.

This year, it has been decided that everyone will buy something for five dollars and then we will draw numbers to decide the order on selecting gifts. However, a person can steal another person’s gift.

I am not happy about this year’s gift exchange idea. I am totally ok with abandoning the old way. After all, Christmas is not about gifts anyway. I have always hated having the attention on me too as we all took turns opening gifts. Then, there was always the big problem of packing up the gifts into the car at the end of the day to go home and then unpacking them later. Spending the day with family is a much nicer way to celebrate.

I am not sold on this year’s idea though even though I heard someone mention before that they have always had a lot of fun with their family. However, this just seems too impersonal. And what about the gift that nobody really wants. Yeah, it would be great if my gift was the one that everyone kept stealing. However, what if it is the gift that someone gets ‘stuck’ with and everyone makes fun of it. If it is my gift, I know that I would be a little upset.

If we are going to do a gift exchange, I would rather each gift be directed at one person. Gifts should be a personal thing and not given as a joke or obligation. For example, my mom bought a tin of popcorn. I cannot eat popcorn right now because of my braces. I have absolutely no problem sharing my gift with others. However, that is why I think that gift giving should be personal.

If I were to choose not to participate though, I would be labeled as petty and a Scrooge. I would be constantly asked why I had not brought a gift. One of my aunts would talk loudly about her opinions about me. I know I should be thinking about family and the Christmas spirit, but where do my beliefs fall into all of that?


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