Misbehavior at Church

When I was in church this morning, I watched a couple of children run around during the service and do some other naughty behaviors. This is quite common for these kids. It happens every time they come to church.

I think kids should come to church every week. It is sad that parents take their kids to Sunday school and then bring them home all the time. It seems like it is only the same few kids that are there every week.

Anyway, it amazes me that the parents never do anything about their kids. If I had run around the church like they did, I would have been in serious trouble. That is why I never did get to run around the church. However, if I was being loud or naughty, I was in a lot of trouble when I got home. I remember that happening a couple of times and I quickly learned my lesson. The same thing happened to my brothers.

It seems like parents no longer care about the behavior of their children. When I look at their children running around though, my mind jumps right to the parents though and how they are the bad guys there. And in the future, when their children are in trouble with the law, everyone in the community will know what has happened. They may or may not choose to blame the parents, but the parents will still have to face the embarrassment.

It would not take much to teach children how to behave in church. And yet, every week, the behavior continues.


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