I am a failure. I am not good at anything. I used to think that I had a talent of writing but I was just fooling myself. Nobody will ever want to read what I write. I do not blame them. It is not high quality work. It is just writing from someone that is impersonating a writer.

I read this blog the other day and it was beautifully written. And when I compare it to my own blogs, I realize that mine cannot even compare. Not only are my words and phrases terrible, but I do not attract the traffic on my site to even make a difference.

Then, there is my freelance writing. I have gotten a few jobs but they have all ended. I feel like after people got an idea of how I write, they quickly dropped their contracts. And I have been struggling to find another job.

I feel like a failure in the freelance area of my writing after the one job refused to pay. I ended up only getting about ten dollars of the fifty they owed me. And after she refused to pay, her comments about my writing cut deep.

Then, there is always the dream I have had about being a published Christian writer. I am not sure who I am trying to fool. I am not any good. My ideas are weak and I struggle to develop the plot into a worthwhile read.

I am not good at writing and I am not good at anything. Why bother when there is nothing I can do.


One thought on “Failure

  1. You are a great writer. Comparing what you write to other people isn’t helpful. It’s like comparing anything we do to other people: it just makes us feel worse. What happened with that freelancing job seems very unethical and wrong and it’s more of a statement of who they are rather than how you write.

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